hCG Program

Have you heard about hCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin? Did you know there is a safe, reliable hCG Scottsdale provider? The Skin Clinic medspa provides effective medical supervision of this life-changing diet and supplementation program.

What is hCG and why does it help with weight loss?

The natural hormone hCG is found in greatest quantities during the early stages of a pregnancy. Its job is to mobilize the body’s fat reserves and burn extra fat cells to provide energy.

What makes hCG a weight-loss winner is its ability to help the body burn fat while on a very low calorie diet of 500-800 calories a day. Usually, the body will go into “starvation mode” on such a diet and begin storing fat to prevent death by starvation. This process is short circuited by hCG, and when the two are used together, dramatic weight loss is possible.

Won’t the hCG diet make me sick or perpetually hungry?

No. The addition of hCG injections to a very low calorie diet avoids fatigue, rampant hunger, and other side effects. Some patients actually report an increase in energy and an enhanced feeling of well-being during the treatment protocol.

What makes hCG weight loss different from other programs?

There are many unique advantages to the hGC diet protocol but two of the most exciting are these:

  • Fat will disappear from those troublesome areas of the belly and thighs. No more post-diet skin sag in your face!

The diet has structured stages (Loading, Weight Loss, Maintenance) which will be monitored by your medspa professional, so you will have personalized guidance as you progress toward your weight-loss goals.


Concerns Addressed: Moderate weight loss (10-30 pounds). 

Ideal Treatment For: Persons who wish to target “trouble areas” of the belly, hips, and thighs for fat loss. 

How To Prepare For Treatment: An exam with one of our medspa professionals. 

Treatment Length: The hGC diet consists of a seven-day detox (loading) period, followed by 28 days on the hGC protocol. During the diet, patients come in each week for an hGC injection and progress check. 

Recovery Time: After the diet/weight-loss phase of the hGC program, there is a three to six-week maintenance phase to ensure the weight stays off.

Results Seen: During the hGC weight-loss phase, some patients lose as much as one to three pounds per day! 

Retreatments Necessary: Your medspa professional will recommend next steps to ensure your weight loss remains permanent.

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