Use UPNEEQ for a Non Surgical Eye Lift

Feb 29, 2024 | Upneeq Eyedrops


Sagging eyelids can interfere with your ability to see if they slip into your line of vision. They can also present social ramifications, as they can make you seem sleepy or uninterested in your surroundings. You may wonder if you have any recourse to fix the issue and may even have considered surgical treatments to remedy it.

People with low-lying eyelids have a great option before they consider surgery. Upneeq eye drops can give you the results of an eye lift without a trip to the operating room!

The Cause of Drooping Eyelids

The condition that causes drooping eyelids is called ptosis. This condition occurs in people of all ages but is most often found in older adults. It may happen because the muscles that lift and hold your eyelids stretch and weaken with age. However, other factors may contribute to it, such as cataract surgeries, contact lens wear, or other medical issues.

If you experience ptosis, you aren’t alone. Millions of individuals experience this condition! But only 15% of them receive a diagnosis, and even fewer of those people seek treatment. You don’t have to be one of them. Not when the answer to your ptosis may be found in a simple, easy-to-use eye drop!

When Is It Time to Consider Upneeq?

Look at your eyes in the mirror. Notice where your eyelid passes over the colored part of your eye (or iris). An eyelid that’s unaffected by ptosis will skim the top of the colored circle. Should you find your eyelid droops deeper into your iris, you should ask your med spa professional if Upneeq is right for you.

If you’ve found that low-lying eyelids interfere with your daily life, it’s also time to ask about Upneeq. If driving has become a challenge because your eyelids obstruct your vision, or you need to look out from beneath your eyelids to read or watch television, make an appointment to talk about a non-surgical eye lift today!

The Skin Clinic in Scottsdale is Proud to Offer Upneeq!

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