Botox for Frown Lines

Oct 1, 2014 | Blog, Botox, Skin Care

botoxFrown lines between your eyebrows can make people think you’re upset or tired even when you’re happy and well-rested—but Botox brings back the smiling expression you are going for. If you’re tired of people telling you to “cheer up” when you are perfectly happy, continue reading about how advances in medicine can help your expression.
Botox is a simple procedure that can be completed during your lunch break. Best of all, Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) is approved by the FDA for treating frown lines and several other conditions. This treatment blocks the chemicals that cause your facial muscles to contract and cause frown lines. With Botox, those muscles and frown lines are relaxed.

What Causes Frown Lines?

Although frown lines are wrinkles, they are not like those smaller fine lines. Frown lines are much more pronounced and much more difficult to treat. In any case, laugh lines, frown lines and forehead furrows are all caused by sun exposure, smoking, skin type, heredity and the facial expressions we make.

How to Treat Frown Lines

While some fine lines can be remedied by different glycolic acid peels, creams, lotions, chemical peels and dermabrasion, these methods are not effective for the deeper frown lines. Instead, frown lines must be handled through the use of Botox.
While there are many other types of cosmetic treatments, such as fillers, Botox is the only treatment that relaxes the muscles. When used for frown lines, it targets the lower central forehead, around the eyes, and the upper forehead. The treatment is effective at preventing the muscles and nerves from communicating and constricting for periods lasting up to three months.