Get Rid of Droopy Eyelids with Upneeq

Dec 19, 2022 | Upneeq



Introducing Upneeq, the Simple Solution for Low-Lying Eyelids

Drooping eyelids can make you look tired, sleepy, or even uninterested. Worse, they can also affect your vision, requiring you to force your eyes open to see properly. This droop of the eyelids is caused by a condition called acquired ptosis or low-lying eyelids.

Acquired ptosis can affect adults of any age, but it most often develops later in life. It is usually caused by stretching and weakening of the muscles in the eyelid. Low-lying eyelids may also happen because of other factors, which can include contact lens wear, cataract surgeries, or other medical issues. In uncommon cases, the root cause is a more serious medical condition.

Low-lying eyelids are not uncommon. Millions of people aged 40 and over may deal with acquired ptosis, but only 15% seek a diagnosis, and fewer still receive treatment.

How to Know if Upneeq May be Right for You

The easiest indication that you may have low-lying eyelids waits in your mirror. Examine where your eyelids sit in relation to your iris, or the colored part of your eye. A normal eyelid will skim the top of that circle. If your upper eyelid slouches into a significant amount of the iris, you may have acquired ptosis.

You may also have discovered your eyelids interfere with everyday activities either by blocking your vision or restricting your field of view. Ask about Upneeq if you:

  • Feel like you need to open your eyes very wide to see
  • Have difficulties reading, driving, or using the computer
  • Need to tilt your head back to look up because your eyelids block your vision

Beautiful Eyes Await You at The Skin Clinic

The medspa professionals at The Skin Clinic are excited to be able to offer Upneeq for people in search of a surgery-free eyelid lift. Book an appointment online, or contact us at 480-513-2888 to schedule a visit!