How to Reverse Sun Damage

Jan 13, 2014 | Blog, Skin Care

sun_damageLaser beams are much more than cool special effects in the movies! In the past decade or so, the cosmetic enhancement industry has gained some remarkable skin treatments from them, benefiting those who are prone to suffer from sun damaged skin and similar signs of aging, like Arizona residents.
If you have never heard of a laser facial treatment, here is a short breakdown of Total FX and Active FX, two of the most amazing treatments available at the North Scottsdale Laser and Skin Care Clinic:
What is the difference between Active FX and Total FX?
Active FX is a laser resurfacing treatment with a high-energy beam administered in a fractional pattern, similar to pixels in a photograph. It  leaves “connections” of skin untouched. Total FX is the combination of Active FX and Deep FX, contributing a thorough range of fractional resurfacing. Deep FX provides a treatment for deeper scarring and wrinkles, while Active FX spot treats sun damaged skin, as well as texture and tone. When used together, maximum results are achieved in the production of collagen and resurfaced skin all in one single treatment. Total FX is the ultimate treatment in skin rejuvenation without undergoing surgery.
Benefits of Active FX

  • Addresses sun damage, including sun spots and discoloration
  • Diminishes and softens frown lines, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Undoubtedly corrects skin tone and texture
  • Eliminates unhealthy patches of skin and causes fresh new skin to grow
  • Similar to a chemical peel without the chemicals

Benefits of Total FX

  • All the benefits of Active FX and Deep FX in one treatment
  • Tightens and smooths skin
  • Triggers collagen production
  • Removes more prominent blemishes and scars

What can you expect after either treatment?
You may experience warmth and redness, similar to a sunburn for several hours. There’s little to no discomfort, and immediate results will appear after just the first treatment. Also, downtime is minimal, and results are long lasting, as new skin will continue to grow.
If you would like more information about either laser facial treatment or any of our other services and skin care products, contact us today