Why We Love Dermaplaning

Oct 25, 2019 | Skin Care

dermaplaningDermaplaning is one of the newest skincare trends. It is an exfoliation method that uses a sterile surgical scalpel to shave off the top layer of the skin. But it’s not as scary as it sounds; the procedure is totally safe and performed by a trained aesthetician. The shaving removes dead skin cells as well as peach fuzz hairs on your face, leaving you with smoother, brighter, healthier, and younger looking skin.

Here are more reasons why we love dermaplaning:

Skin Cells Build-Up

The buildup of dead skin cells, debris, and excess oil can cause the skin to appear dull and can contribute to acne. The deep exfoliation that dermaplaning provides strips away irritating substances and helps trigger the regeneration of new cells, giving patients a glowing complexion. This can help treat and prevent blackheads and acne.

Reduce Pores and Smooth Uneven Skin

Through exfoliation, dermaplaning gently resurfaces the skin and helps improve its texture. It removes the top layer of dead skin which can reduce the appearance of pores and help the color of your skin become more even. This makes the procedure great for individuals with hyperpigmentation. And with repeated treatments, fines lines disappear and the skin becomes smoother.

Helps Reduce Signs of Aging

The exfoliation helps stimulate the production of matrix proteins such as elastin and collagen. These proteins help keep the skin looking plump and firm. As such, low levels of elastin and collagen make fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable. Dermaplaning restores the skin’s youthful look and reduces preexisting signs of aging.

Removes Peach Fuzz and Helps Skin Care Products Absorb Better

Those patches of baby hair on your face tend to get worse with age and affect how makeup and skincare products sit on the skin. Since dermaplaning involves shaving off the top layer of the skin of your face, you’ll simultaneously lose the hair and dead skin cells. With the peach fuzz and dead skin cells gone, you’ll find that products are easily absorbed into the skin. You may also find that you’re using less makeup products and facial creams because the products glide on smoother.

No Downtime

Since there are chemicals involved, it’s a lot less likely for irritation to occur, which means that most clients do not experience any downtime. The procedure is short and results are immediate.

Never attempt to do this procedure at home – let the professionals at North Scottsdale Laser and Skin Care Clinic to ensure a safe and effective treatment. If you’d like to schedule an appointment or learn more about dermaplaning and our skincare services, please contact us at 480-513-2888.